Beginning in September of 2008, Rana Zellner Burr will be conducting music therapy sessions specifically designed for adolescents on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. Sessions will be weekly and will take place in a small group setting.

The goal for the group(s) will focus on social and emotional development. Activities will include learning and playing songs from the rock and roll genre together as a band, lyric analysis, and later progressing to individual and group songwriting and performing.

Assessments will be included, after which each participant will be given a set of individualized objectives. Parents and/or caregivers will also be provided with a guide to generalizing objectives to other settings.

Age of participants is set at 12-18, although exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

No prior experience on an instrument is required, however, outside private lessons on vocals, guitar, bass, drum kit, or keyboards may be recommended for new musicians depending on their skill level.

Please contact Rana at, or by phone at 210-637-9766 for an application and/or to inquire about funding sources.

Read an article written by Myra J. Staum, Ph.D., RMT-BC
Director and Professor of Music Therapy
Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

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