Rana Zellner Burr is a board certified music therapist who has experience working with medical patients with physiological or psychological complaints, developmentally disabled children and adults, juvenile offenders, expectant mothers, and the elderly. She received her Bachelor of Science in Music Theray from Utah State Univerity in Logan, Utah and completed her internship at St. Luke's Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rana is now serving the San Antonio, TX area.  At this time, she is accepting private clients, including autistic children, expectant mothers wanting a music-supported natural birth, and persons seeking to promote their own wellness goals.  Group sessions for clients ages 12-18 with Asperger's are available through the new School of Aspie Rock.

If you are interested in contracting music therapy services, please contact Rana Zellner Burr, MT-BC at info@musictherapy.cc.


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Willamette University, Salem, Oregon


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